Firefox Student Ambassador

Interested in being part of one of Mozilla’s biggest product launches? Or gaining hands-on marketing and leadership experience while working with a large network of students from around the world? Then this opportunity is for you. We’re looking for creative and self-starter student leaders from colleges and universities across U.S. and Germany. You will be part of an exclusive taskforce that stems from the larger Firefox Student Ambassador Program. Meaning you will be given more guidance, just like an internship. Here’s what you’ll be up to:

  • Recruit a team of 2-4 more students at your college who will join you in this mission!
  • Set up promotional tables, booths, and/or events on campus driving browser and mobile downloads with product demos, raffles, games, and more!
  • Educate fellow students about how they can take control of their online life
  • Spread the Mozilla mission and all the Mozlove you can at your campus and in your local community!
  • Let it rain..with swag

What you’ll receive in return:

  • Build your resume with Mozilla, the most trusted internet company for privacy!
  • Internship credit (we’ll help with what you need to get it)
  • Enhance leadership, event planning, and marketing skills
  • Knowledge and deep dive into the open source community
  • Letter of recommendation upon exceptional work! Also references and LinkedIn recs (mmhm, we got you covered)
  • An automatic IN to work to work on future exclusive student opportunities
  • A chance to join Mozilla (yes, all of our staff and volunteers) at a workweek in Orlando, Florida in December. Yup, we’re talking Disneyworld.


  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate/postgraduate study
  • Commitment to this campaign for four months (September –  half of December)
  • Available 5/hours a week, more or less on some, for Mozilla evangelist work
  • Familiar with the Mozilla mission and our browser Firefox
  • Involved with student organizations and activities
  • Social media marketing & event promotion experience a plus
  • Technical skills and/or knowledge of open source a plus

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