Volunteer with Mozilla – Build or Join an Advocacy Task Force in Your Community Today!

Are you passionate about mobilizing others to take action on pressing Internet policy issues? Do you enjoy raising awareness through participatory educational events?

Help us build a global community of Advocacy Task Forces.

Mozilla Advocacy Task Forces are a great way to share your talents and passion for protecting the open web. We are looking for volunteer technologists, mobilizers, educators, and mentors.

What does an Advocacy Task Force do?

Task forces educate and drive participation in their local communities in an effort to raise awareness around Internet policy issues. They advance and protect the free and open Web through campaigns and direct educational efforts.

Local task forces are globally networked to share resources and best practices.

Role Descriptions:

The advocacy task force has two distinct contribution pathways:

  • mobilizing – for those who like to strike while the iron is hot and recruit others to take immediate action on an issue that threatens the open Web

Key role: Plan and execute campaigns as needed.

  • teaching – for those who enjoy directly educating others on an ongoing basis on topics related to privacy, security, surveillance, net neutrality and other pressing Internet issues

Key role: Actively give presentations and/or hold workshops at local universities, conferences, libraries, etc.

We also have opportunities for those who prefer to work behind the scenes on resources, tools, localization and more.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Fellowship preparation
  • Ability to make a difference
  • Recognition and support

One of the biggest benefits to joining is the ability to make a difference while building leadership skills. By participating in campaigns you have an opportunity to change the course of the Web and by teaching others you have the ability to empower and inspire. Throughout your journey you can mentor others and blog about your experiences.  Task forces can help prepare you for future leadership positions such as fellowships and more. Task forces are coordinated with other Mozilla initiatives and organizations, such as Participation, Community Engagement, Webmaker, and Product Marketing.

It’s easy to get started. We have created a repository of existing presentations and other resources to make it easy for others to join us and start spreading the word.

Time commitment is flexible. Teach one session or many, as often as you’d like. Mobilizers tend to come together only when specific Internet policy issues and campaigns arise.

To build a Mozilla Advocacy Task Force in your community, follow these steps:

  1. Join the Advocacy Community on discourse and introduce yourself.
  2. Create an etherpad and invite others in your community to discuss ideas.
  3. Organize presentations, workshops, study groups, and other events around Internet policy issues that are important in your community.
  4. Let Stacy Martin and/or Melissa Romaine know about your Task Force.
  5. Create a wiki page to showcase your Task Force!

Volunteering with Mozilla is about more than lending a hand. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills.

For more information, please visit:


Community Activation Lead – Germany

Volunteer job description

The job:

Volunteering at Mozilla is about more than lending a hand. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills with a global community of Mozillians — coders, organizers, activists and more — who help shape the Web every day. The Community Generated Marketing team amplifies Mozilla marketing efforts by empowering our community with the tools, knowledge and expertise necessary to be champions.

In support of the Firefox fall campaign we are looking for a Community Activation lead to assist with on-the-ground community activations and events in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. This person will work directly with the Community Generated Marketing team to source event locations, work with local agencies to coordinate activities, help recruit local volunteers and assemble post-event reports.

Time commitment:

October 2-3 hours a week

November 5-6 hours a week


1-2 events in each of the tier one fall campaign markets during November/December


Event planning/management

People management

Experience in marketing a plus

Languages: German, French and English


Mozlando attendance

Letter of reference


Chelsea Novak, head of Community Generated Marketing – [email protected]

Firefox Student Ambassador

Interested in being part of one of Mozilla’s biggest product launches? Or gaining hands-on marketing and leadership experience while working with a large network of students from around the world? Then this opportunity is for you. We’re looking for creative and self-starter student leaders from colleges and universities across U.S. and Germany. You will be part of an exclusive taskforce that stems from the larger Firefox Student Ambassador Program. Meaning you will be given more guidance, just like an internship. Here’s what you’ll be up to:

  • Recruit a team of 2-4 more students at your college who will join you in this mission!
  • Set up promotional tables, booths, and/or events on campus driving browser and mobile downloads with product demos, raffles, games, and more!
  • Educate fellow students about how they can take control of their online life
  • Spread the Mozilla mission and all the Mozlove you can at your campus and in your local community!
  • Let it rain..with swag

What you’ll receive in return:

  • Build your resume with Mozilla, the most trusted internet company for privacy!
  • Internship credit (we’ll help with what you need to get it)
  • Enhance leadership, event planning, and marketing skills
  • Knowledge and deep dive into the open source community
  • Letter of recommendation upon exceptional work! Also references and LinkedIn recs (mmhm, we got you covered)
  • An automatic IN to work to work on future exclusive student opportunities
  • A chance to join Mozilla (yes, all of our staff and volunteers) at a workweek in Orlando, Florida in December. Yup, we’re talking Disneyworld.


  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate/postgraduate study
  • Commitment to this campaign for four months (September –  half of December)
  • Available 5/hours a week, more or less on some, for Mozilla evangelist work
  • Familiar with the Mozilla mission and our browser Firefox
  • Involved with student organizations and activities
  • Social media marketing & event promotion experience a plus
  • Technical skills and/or knowledge of open source a plus

Read to rock the open Web? Apply here!

Social Community Manager – Germany

Volunteer job description

The job:

Volunteering at Mozilla is about more than lending a hand. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills with a global community of Mozillians — coders, organizers, activists and more — who help shape the Web every day.

The Social Media team drives the Firefox mission and story forward by engaging with our users in an open dialogue and providing product support everyday by working with a network of passionate volunteers.

As we ramp up for the Firefox Fall Campaign we are looking for more Social Community Managers to assist with moderating all user-facing social media communications.

This person(s) will work directly with the Social Media team to develop and understand a list of frequently asked questions coming from users, and respond to users’ questions and comments on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Time commitment:

October 2-3 hours a week

November 3-4 hours a week, including one regular call


Positive conversation and engaged fans


Knowledge of and passion for social media

Great communication skills

Desire to help users get the most out of their browser

Languages: local language + English


We like to invite our top contributors to participate in our bi-annual Mozilla Work Week which happen in different cities around the globe.

We are happy to provide a letter of reference, and we are always looking to expand our permanent team with dedicated and experienced staff!

If interested, contact:

Liz Hull, [email protected]