Social Community Manager – Germany

Volunteer job description

The job:

Volunteering at Mozilla is about more than lending a hand. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills with a global community of Mozillians — coders, organizers, activists and more — who help shape the Web every day.

The Social Media team drives the Firefox mission and story forward by engaging with our users in an open dialogue and providing product support everyday by working with a network of passionate volunteers.

As we ramp up for the Firefox Fall Campaign we are looking for more Social Community Managers to assist with moderating all user-facing social media communications.

This person(s) will work directly with the Social Media team to develop and understand a list of frequently asked questions coming from users, and respond to users’ questions and comments on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Time commitment:

October 2-3 hours a week

November 3-4 hours a week, including one regular call


Positive conversation and engaged fans


Knowledge of and passion for social media

Great communication skills

Desire to help users get the most out of their browser

Languages: local language + English


We like to invite our top contributors to participate in our bi-annual Mozilla Work Week which happen in different cities around the globe.

We are happy to provide a letter of reference, and we are always looking to expand our permanent team with dedicated and experienced staff!

If interested, contact:

Liz Hull, [email protected]